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Open your hearts for everyone..whether they’re your enemies or not..everyone goes thru something not everyone knows about

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I really cant take it anymore

Im done being everyones problem..i’m at my breaking point! My heart cant take it anymore..so if its meant to happen god will take me and let me be at peace. I’m too young to be so damaged my mind, heart and soul is fried. There’s no saving me at this point…this results in the distance i place with everyone who has every done anything to hurt me. One day they will know that what killed ericca was the constant heart break.. Her heart was damaged as a kid when it was suppose to grow it shrunk and shriveled up. She will never completely love nor be loved. Everything comes to an end……..especially bleeding hearts

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Never have i ever….

I’m lying in bed thinking about my boyfriend.

What comes to mind is so many memories and feelings.. That i never thought i would have..we’ve been through so much from the worse thing to happen to having the greatest moments. It’s impossible to see my life without him in it

To find someone who you never thought you’d be with is one of the biggest surprises… We’ve went thru that shy stage, to bonding And creating comfort to become good friends then falling in love to loving each other without limits.

David came into my life and became everything i have ever wanted and needed..someone who loves me like no other has, who’s actions and words light up my world and who never for one second makes me feel unloved or alone. He is my best friend, my better half, as well as the love of my life…i wouldn’t think twice about being with someone else because they could never make me feel the way he does. The love we have for each other is outta this world. Nothing in this world can get better than this❤️

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Don’t leave something good to see if you can find better, because once you realize you had the best, the best found better. (via silly-luv)
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Cut deep…

I understand now when someone could be at their lowest and wAnt to end it…the feeling is horrible and your mind is scrambled..mixed with all thoughts from bad to worse to unbearable.. I understand why committing suicide is so easy because once the pain hits you it cuts deep And no words can help,no body can help..feeling like one day soon i wont be able to handle this life anymore and it will be my time to go on…

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