hello!! :) my names ericca and i'm 20..half black & half guatemalan.i'm pretty much a simple girl who tries to express her feelings th best way possible! what better way than tumblr eh??. that's all there is to it! :)


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Hate is a strong word so i dislike….

So i started off thinking i hate my family but i cant say that i just extremely dislike them. I should specify that it isn’t my whole fam just a side. Which is very sad to say. I just sat and thought about it and it began to really upset me that my “FAMILY” Treats me as a joke because.. Here it goes.. I’m black (hahah..STOP! I don’t find it funny) when did being black become the funniest thing on the planet. WhAt is crazy is that they know how i feel about that and they continue to do it they completely disregard my feelings.
As if i didn’t already feel like an outcast they sure make it ten times worse. And yet, they question why i’m never around or why they haven’t seen me in so long.. Well why would i want to be around a bunch of people who laugh in my face constantly because of who i am? Sad that i have to bring my boyfriend to family functions just so I’m not alone and just so i have someone there who actually cares about me. How is that my boyfriend and his family treat me more like family than my own. This is why i keep my “family” at a distance. They don’t need to know anything thats going on in my life as if they would care anyway…i will continue to keep to myself and live my life the way i’ve been doing.


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